Uproar at toilet closures in Gargrave

Faced with the closure of the Toilets on 31st December, a group of residents have volunteered to form a Community Group, GNAT: Gargrave Needs A Toilet. It costs roughly £12,000 a year to keep these toilets open. A large proportion of these costs have been wages for someone to open and close and clean the toilets. Volunteers have undertaken to do this until other funding sources can be found. In the meantime money needs to be found to pay the other expenses, such as water rates, consumables and some replacement facilities which are urgently required.  

The facilities are vital to motorists, bus passengers, cyclists on the many routes which pass
through the village, walkers on the Pennine Way
and the Leeds Liverpool Canal and of course residents and visitors to this
lovely village and its greens. The group is determined to keep these facilities
open, and since the foundation of a
Fund Me page they have received significant help so far. In conclusion, GNAT:
Gargrave Needs A Toilet, as a group, have taken over the running of the toilets
since 1st January 2020, with an 18 person strong volunteer cleaning team. 

Donations to help the plight can be made via https://www.gofundme.com/f/gnat-gargrave-needs-a-toilet

Gargrave Public Toilets
Local Gargrave volunteers on toilet cleaning duty.